The John L. Magro Story

The John L. Magro Foundation celebrates the legacy of John Magro, whose contributions to the business, civic, and philanthropic organizations in Cincinnati and abroad are legendary. The zeal and passion with which he served his community were fueled by an event, which happened when, as an eight-year old child, John was at the brink of death following a sledding accident. Overhearing a doctor tell his mother that he probably would not pull through, the young boy became determined to survive and do everything in his power to “repay the gift of borrowed time”. As the “borrowed time” went on and John matured, he grew to realize his destiny to “express (his) gratitude for the divine gift of life”. For John Magro, “giving” was a full-time occupation with much of his effort directed toward the lyric arts. Known as Cincinnati’s “Music Man”, he served as president and general manager of the Cincinnati Opera, making many recordings and managing more than 60 grand operas for the Cincinnati Summer Opera Association. Always interested in promoting young singers, in 1959, he replaced “the big names” with young performers not yet internationally known. As a co-founder of the American Opera Auditions, he started Operas at Peterloon to showcase the audition winners on the lush lawns of this beautiful estate.

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