Scholarship Program

The John L. Magro Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to provide monetary assistance to students of exceptional merit obtaining a degree in the fields of music, art, theater, or science.

➢ Please submit a completed application by March 31 to:

The John L. Magro Foundation
P O Box 43032
Cincinnati OH 45243

➢ Award notices along with checks will be sent by May 1 to all applicants who are chosen for a scholarship.

➢ Please note that the application form must be accompanied with the following items:
1. Proof of current enrollment in a college or university program specializing in the study of either the fine arts or sciences. A downloadable schedule of classes is acceptable.
2. Two letters of recommendations from professors, educators, or other qualified individuals in the field of fine arts or sciences indicating that the applicant possesses exceptional talent, scholastic merit, and is able to promote the advancement of either the fine arts or sciences.

➢ NOTE: THE INFORMATION SUBMITTED MUST BE COMPLETE, especially a phone number where you may be contacted, an e-mail address, and an address where mail can be sent to you. ALSO, please keep the foundation contact information below after submitting an application. This will assist you in re-applying each year.

➢ When calculating the costs of education please refer to the following information:
Tuition = tuition plus non-resident surcharge, if applicable
Fees = general fees plus studio fees, etc.
Materials = instrument parts or repairs, music, etc.
Living expenses = room and board or rent, other living expenses, health insurance
Assistance = other scholarships, financial aid, parental support

➢ Final decisions regarding this scholarship are based on the following:
1. financial need,
2. worthiness,
3. serious intent of the student as to the attainment of an education in the fields of music, art, theater, science.

➢ This scholarship may be renewed, but a new application must be submitted each year. The recommendations from the professors can be waived as long as a letter from a professor, educator, or other individual is submitted stating that the student has continued his or her studies and promotion of the arts and sciences appropriately.

➢ If you would like to have the Application Form sent to you please contact: